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 Seichim Energy Practitioner
      Seichim is a method of changing and balancing your energy for assistance in healing.  Healing at the spiritual and energetic level is one the best things you could ever do for yourself. I am currently undergoing further study and attunements under the guidance and direction of Marcia Cantrell of Liberty Indiana at the Namaste Hypnosis & Holistic Health Centre.  IF you would like to experience a Seichim Session please feel free to email or contact me by phone
513 464-8842
     Seichim can be performed in person or over distances.  You need not be physically present with me to receive this loving and healing energy.  Seichim
can also be given or sent to your pets or any animals under your care.
Avid pet enthusiast:
      Among my interests in the past were breeding and showing of “type” canaries, cockatiel breeding, fish breeding, horse showing (hunter jumpers with my daughter), owned various parrots.  I am currently owned by a Blue Front Amazon,  a German Shepherd, two Thoroughbreds, and a Quarter Pony! 
Holistic Pet Professional:
       I am trained in holistic health concerning dogs, cats, and horses.  My training not only comes from my own interest in holistic health, but also from Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM.  Dr. Jane is one of the leading pet product formulators in the pet industry.  Her respect as  an innovator in wellness for pets is unsurpassed.  Please read her bio on my Dr. Jane page.  Then get your pets on the Life’s Abundance program and see the type of results that fantastic nutrition can provide!
Certified Equine Massage Therapist:
       I studied under Mary Schieber to earn my certification in Equine Massage.  Mary Schieber  is highly respected in this field and was one of the first to introduce the world to this method of relieving the stresses and tension brought about through training, showing, athletic injury, and athletic endeavors of  horses. 
Over 30 years experience:
     As I mentioned  before, I became interested in Herbs at about the age of 18.   I was born December 18th,  1959.  My “training” really began much earlier though as my father always practiced organic farming methods and introduced me to the world of nutritional supplements as far back as I can remember.  I owe a lot to him because it was he who taught me to respect what we do to the Earth and to always realize that we must keep her in mind and try to maintain a balance in all that we do.  My interest in herbs grew on it’s own accord through the experience of growing them and incorporating them in my life.
   I have dabbled in herbs and their usage for over 30 years!
    I must warn you….they can become a habit!   Once herbs get a hold on you,  you are theirs to mold like clay!  I fell in love with them soon after I turned 18.  What intrigued me at first was the wonderful aromas and the beautiful textures in the garden.  From there I decided to learn how to use them in other ways, and once that happened, there was no turning back!!!
   I find working with these plants most relaxing as you cannot escape their spell.  It is aromatherapy in it’s purest and most esthetic form.  I have often referred to my garden as “my little patch of sanity in an insane world!”  It has always been a form of meditation and grounding for me to touch the earth with my hands, smell the fresh soil, and enjoy the aroma of the herbs as I work in my gardens.  Life is good, when we include  what nature  has to offer us in our lives.
   Living a life as close to nature as possible in this fast paced world, is not only good for us, but it is doing something good for the planet.    God never meant for us to be as far removed from nature as we have become.
   I have come to trust what herbs and excellent supplements have to offer, but I have also come to understand the importance of high quality too.  On this site I will share with you some incredible companies that put as much importance on quality and purity as I do.
Martial Arts
     I have been studying Martial Arts for over 8 years.  My style is Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu.  I received my 1st Degree Black Belt a year ago.  I am currently working on obtaining my 2nd Degree Black  and a purple belt  in Shotokan Karate.  Ju Jitsu is one of the foundational forms of Martial Arts.  Karate, Judo, and even Brazilian Jui Jitsu came from the Traditional Okinawan Ju Jitsu which incorporates upright fighting, throws and take downs, and ground fighting.   I love the physical demands and the mental stimulation as well as the discipline it develops.  Martial Arts will carry over in your everyday life and make you a better person if you will allow it to.  I love it!
Herb Society of the Preble County Historical Society
If you happen to live in the area, I highly suggest visiting the Preble County Historical Society.  They maintain a beautiful farm on the historical register which also includes a magificent two story log cabin moved from the county.  They have frequent functions to benefit the society as well as a Medicinal Plant Trail and many walking trails.  If you’re looking for something educational for the whole family which supports a wonderful cause, then this is something you will want to check out.  Wonderful place to pay a visit with the family.

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